My work is an expression of my soul. I do it for the love of inspiration, 

desiring to inspire, while surrounding myself with those who inspire me. 


Above all things i love to be creative. In any way.

Music drives me, travel takes me, creativity fuels me. 



Sally was raised by an unconventional surf family, in a small town, 15 minutes south of the notorious tourist destination Byron Bay, Australia. Hippie at heart she travels a lot, but constantly returns to the Byron shire, being home, only to leave once more.

Sally left Byron at 17 after Whitehouse institute of design offered her a place at their prestigious  university for a bachelor of design in styling and creative direction. Sally began a career styling, assisting anyone she could, planning shoots, hauling clothing through city streets, creating gardens in her living room, living a life of beautiful chaos. Lanky and awkward and being driven by fashion she began modelling, which allowed her to see a side of photography that she became fascinated by. After moving from Melbourne to Sydney she graduated university, topping her school, gaining an award for student of the year with her magazine publication NIRVANA and decided then and there to pursue photography further, dropping every aspect of styling for a camera. 

As a vintage collector she then began her own online vintage store, which allowed her to shoot female subjects more and opened her world of photography. Sallys work was featured in Yen magazine, Oyster magazine and various online publications. 

Sally has been doing photography both film and digital for 5 years, in areas of mainly fashion and music, and has been a graphic designer for the same time. Sally works full time as a freelance creative, is the head graphic designer for KALITA the label, produces textile prints for Liberated Heart, and works with local small labels in Byron Bay  assisting with production, social media content, textile prints and photography. She also continues her work with vintage helping online stores with buying vintage, photography and web design. A lot of her work is unfeatured so please feel free to contact her via email listed at the bottom of this page for any work enquiries.